Improve your Social Media and marketing user experience.

Increase your influence and sales. Inspire more enthousiasm.
Make your customer happier.

I will help your brand to succeed

Hello, my name's Cecile! I'm a content and social media manager from Paris, France.

By translating culture foresight into engaging social media content, I make sure to deliver the best solution to your project needs whether it’s a small business or a nonprofit. I will help you to build a business that has a big and lasting impact on people’s lives. By creating a remarkable experience that people can connect with, I'm setting the foundations for your brand to succeed.


Content Marketing

Entering the routines of your audience.

Get people attention and funnel them toward a specific goal.

I help you to define your target audience, produce and post better content that resonates with your customers.

Social Media consulting

Trusting the process.

The importance of a questionnaire in the process.

I help you to act the most effective way when a tough situation appears by preparing your industry and your target to today’s digital realities. Whenever I work in a team or alone, I go through a questionnaire process with my clients.

My latest projects

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Hire me

Crafting the best solution for you and your clients

A questionnaire process gives me a better overall understanding to answer to your problem with the best tools.

I am an expert in my industry and you are an expert in yours

If you know who your target is and are ready to trust someone with expertise.

delivering the best solution to your project and your clients

You are hiring me to make something that will achieve your goals. That’s what I’m here for.

Contact me

Paris, France

+33 (0)688-510-343