Cecile Poulain

Front-end developer | Social Media Crisis Management
Paris, France

Building Resilience and Inspiring Enthusiasm by Developing Strategic User-Centered website Experience.

Focusing in people in non-profits, NGOs and agencies.


Tell Your Story With Style

I create visual content that helps your word to be heard better using best creative tools e.g Photoshop, Illustrator.

responsive web design

With Adapted Webdesign

In this full connectivity era, I make beautiful and useful designs for desktops, phone and tablets and emailing campaigns.


And Love From Code

I build things that will make your life easier using best code tools e.g HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, LESS, SCSS.


Responsive Newsletter
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newsletter chaine du coeur
Newsletter study
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Wireframe / MockUp
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Whenever I work in a team or alone, I go through a process with my clients. This allows to feel more trust with each other and to deliver a more accurate solution.

I am an expert in my industry and in my craft and you are an expert in yours. As I’m responsible for delivering the best solution to your project and your clients, you won’t be asked for making any design neither technologies decisions.
This requires a bit of trust. The point of this is to allow me, as the professional in front-end web and social media crisis management, to make the design and code decisions. This is in your best interest.
You are hiring me to make something that will achieve your goals. That’s what I’m here for.

processing Caring

delivering Delivering

I don’t just deliver a product, a website, a newsletter or a management plan of actions, I also provide a thoughtful case study at the end.

Explaining all my choices accordingly to the answers I received from the questionnaire and the extended conversation. Explaining why thanks to the questionnaire, the back and forth exchanges and the trust within, only one concept is delivered and only one concept is enough for your project to bloom.



make space

Make Space - The Importance of Space to Free your Creativity

Making space isn’t only about getting extra room to put your stuff; it’s first and foremost dealing with your own current constraints and make the best of it to allow your work to bloom. When you work in social media crisis management you're often confronted to the question of "what is the right tool to use for this specific platform?". This is where making space as a mindset in web developement, web design and social media intervene.

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creativity and communication

Communication and network tools for the win

Communication and network tools are not only a question of how to build our future, they help building a better present. For example what is the link between UNOCHA, Google, Facebook and GoldKeys? Well, there are working with communication and network tools to find new ways, new solutions of dealing with the problems and they gain time and quality to answer it in a more proper manner.

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Case Study: Responsive Simples Newsletter

How do we achieve a responsive newsletter? The answer is : their are multiple ways. You can of course choose to use services that provide you the ability to just put the content and not matter about the construction. However, you can also choose to write it yourself using code. Today I will talk to you a bit more about the second choice and coding this responsive newsletter. When you have a working newsletter on desktop and you want to be working also on phones and tablets. To do that, you use "media queries".

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social media crisis management close up

What is social media crisis management?

In web native era, people often have a misconception about what social and humanitarian work are in depth. They are using social medias in very different and complementary ways. So what is social media crisis management in web native era? Is it an important tool that needs to be better considered?

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Tools: Get Better at Emailing

Imagine yourself working in the web design industry and your client is asking to code his own design of a newsletter or that you need to create one from the beginning, what will you do? Well here are some steps that I will show you this week. I will talk about how everything is made.

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Case study: La Chaîne du Coeur's Newsletter

lachaineducoeur.fr is a website provided by One Heart Channel Communication where nonprofits can go and find help in their communication plan as well as projects.
People also go there to find non-profit news. I’ve re-coded their newsletter and fixed some bugs. So they would gain in terms of weight-loss files, visibility for their users and bots visibility.

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The Importance of Setting a Tone Of Voice

Hello! After a summer of hiatus I am back on tracks to provide you each week a new blogpost full of value. I am happy to be back with you on Sunday, each week. To be completely honest with you, I needed the summer to reflect on my work and on the tone I wanted to happen for the future of it. So why is setting a tone of voice that important?.

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