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Make your customers happier.

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Hello, my name's Cecile! I am an author and a communication strategy engineer who works in resolving problems using user experience and content.

By creating a remarkable experience that people can connect with, I'm setting the outlines for your brand to succeed.

I focus on human-centered businesses, startups and nonprofits. My clients deserve the best of my abilities so if your goal is to make a progressive impact, we will probably be a good fit.


To get your customers' attention and funnel them toward a specific goal, you need to resonate with their routines and build trusted relationships based on quality of service.

Relevant content including blogs, photos, videos and responsive newsletters within defined calendars.

Make data useful, easy to share and fun to use.

What my clients say

Cecile takes the time to really listen and she answers each problem. This is the number one priority to me. My work and audience grew their importance right away thanks to the systems she put in place and how she managed them.

Issifou Karimou
radio specialist, Médecins Sans Frontières


I've gained better consideration from coworkers and faster outreach with the local population thanks to Cecile’s case studies and practical actions.

Ibrahim Diallo
logistician, Médecins Sans Frontières

Nyangute George

I am grateful for the auspicious opportunity Cecile provided. She put a great forum that offers both active and passive people of my team a good pedestral to share experiences and challenges and ventilate them.

Nyang'ute George Odhiambo
logistician, Médecins Sans Frontières



Paris, France

+33 (0)688-510-343