Focus: Social Media Management

Social Media Management is full of tools that affect everyone, every organization and every brand. One of them is defined as Content marketing. It’s the strategy of producing relevant and valuable content for a particular audience to achieve a specific goal.

Let me tell you a little secret: you absolutely do need to get into the routines of your audience and care about them. Because by identify to today’s reality and challenges, you will learn how to make them work for you rather than against you. Don’t be scare to jump all in the social media wheel of Snapchat and Instagram stories that appeared lately. There are in fact incredibly effective tools to get people attention. And oh you want that!

Building yourself into the routines of your audience will lead you to master the art of communication.

Social Media Consulting is the art of preparing beforehand that is another part of Social Media Management. By knowing how to get prepared, we can learn to respond well to any kind of situation.

what this implies

Trust the process

Trust will help you to act the most effective way when a tough situation appears by preparing your industry and your target to today’s digital realities.

Go all in

Defining clear expectations is what will allow to agree on an objective vision of the project, and help craft the best possible solution.

Go through questionnaire process with your clients

It will give you a better understanding of the problem and how you can answer it. You can see mine there

Define a calendar

To do your job as good as possible and to avoid headaches of last-plan-move, defining a calendar is very helpful. It doesn’t have to be your typical kind of calendar with days and hours. It has to be useful to you. A content calendar can be as useful as a monthly calendar. I’ve found some very useful tools there.

Create an email list

Eventually you went to funnel people to your website, to your blog to your content. To do that with great professionalism, you need to set up an email list possibility.

Doing so, drive your customers to your content and ask them a question of their very difficulty in the industry you are doing leverage on.

Your audience will ask questions and your job will then be to answer them.

You can now use the 4 points method and reverse engineer:

  • Detect
    Detecting errors can be redundant or exhausting, especially when you don’t know where to start.
  • Identify
    Identifying an error consists in knowing what the error is about.
  • Consider
    This is when you set up a time to sit and properly think to all the ways you could answer to a specific problem. What strategy is the best, how it would turn if that other strategy is adopted and what consequences each has.
  • Respond
    Once you have detected, identified the problem and considered the best option to answer to it, you can actually answer put your thoughts into actions.

Pro-Active Community Management is a tool that will allow you to funnel through trusted relationships based on quality of service. It can literally help your company to thrive.

Social Media Management also means setting the strategy of the team that will work in Community Management. Detect, adapt and use optimisation inputs to develop fidelity of community members. A good community management is build on trusted relationships based on quality of service and team efforts.

You do need to target the best social media places to target your audience. Are they sharing infos on Facebook? Do they prefer WatsApp? How are they sharing data on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope?